We Are The Westerns


Tonight, we're excited to announce that Carissa Marie Photography is now officially The Westerns Photography.

The business itself has developed over the past five years into: Carissa Marie Photography: Your love story, Your friends, Your special day.

This is what my business developed into when I had to come up with three things to describe it because everyone else was doing it. And all of it is so true. I photograph YOUR love story, YOUR friends, and YOUR special day. But as Casey began to help me more and more by becoming my assistant and then becoming my second shooter as the number of weddings multiplied, I realized the business doesn't have anything to do with me as the sole owner.

Now, don't get me wrong, it never did. It is always about you and your wedding. And I dearly love each and every one of my brides and their husbands from the past four and a half years. Most of them have become great friends and it makes my heart so happy. I am so lucky to do what I do.

Seeing my new friends marry the love of their life and being there to capture those moments? That's priceless to me.

Really, it's priceless to US.

And that's why we renamed the business. Because marriage isn't about one person's accomplishments. It's about working together. It's about both of you.

Each time we shoot a wedding, we realize how much of it is marriage itself. We love being married. We hope that you can love being married as much. You're taking these vows for a reason. You are going to have amazing adventures, and sometimes you'll fight, but we hope you can continue walking through this life hand in hand. Together. No matter what.

This is what we believe in and this is what we hope will inspire you to stay in it.

Love is real and it's amazing.