Meems Bottom Covered Bridge Engagement Photos

We originally met Felicia and Johnny at the Winchester Bridal Expo in January and loved them right from the start. We loved them so much more when we heard Felicia tell us their engagement story.. !

"We went on our first official date about a week later to Outback for dinner and to The Alamo [for a movie]. [These] quickly became our 'date night' plans for the next several months. This all led to Nov. 12, 2016. He guessed it...The Alamo!"

"When the previews for other movies started to play, it went through 2 or 3 then started a slideshow of pictures. Those pictures were of us with his son and from various places we'd been together, and of me on vacations with my family. I honestly thought it was a birthday gift [since her birthday was the day before] but at the end of the video, there he was, down on one knee in front of a theatre FULL of people!" [There's a video, y'all..!]

So, for Felicia and Johnny's engagement session, we went to the longest covered bridge still in operation in the state of Virginia: Meems Bottom Covered Bridge in Mount Jackson! You've gotta go somewhere epic when you propose like that! 😍